Scratch Meat Butcher


After more than twenty years working in some of Bali’s top kitchens, Chef Putu dropped everything to come work at this new, off the beaten path kitchen with an unknown Canadian chef who had just moved to Bali.  More than two years and thousands of satisfied patrons later, Chef Putu is still trying to figure out how the hell he ended up here.

Scratch Baker


Sous chef Komang was known as the “Breadman of Bali” when he was kidnapped in the middle of the night from his rural rice field home. Waking up the next morning in the Scratch kitchen, he started baking immediately and hasn’t stopped since. A good salary and metal fencing keeps him here, and judging by his constant smile he seems to enjoy it.

Scratch Chef


After studying in France and Singapore, Sulawesi born chef Andy washed up on the beaches of Bali in 2013 after escaping from Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean.  As chef de cuisine of Scratch, he enjoys getting to know his patrons as much as he enjoys cooking for them. He insists that he only cooks for himself and continues to learn on the fly.